Word Hurdle November 26 2023 Answers

Word Hurdle January 20 2024 Answers

Begin on a daily word-solving adventure with Word Hurdle January 20 2024 Answers. Two words await your ingenuity, one in the morning and another in the afternoon. Prepare to unravel each six-letter enigma using the game’s color clues – gray, yellow, and blue.

Word Hurdle doesn’t provide any initial hints to the target words. Players must also stick to valid American English words for their guesses.

Upon entering a guess, the tiles will change colors, revealing whether the guessed letters are part of the solution and whether their positions are correct. Word Hurdle employs a color scheme of gray, yellow, and blue, likely to differentiate itself from the original Wordle.

Word Hurdle January 20 2024 Answers

Word Hurdle Guide :

1. Start by entering a six-letter word guess.

2. Observe the color changes in the letter tiles.

  • Blue: Indicates the correctly placed letter.
  • Yellow: Signifies a correct letter in the wrong position.
  • Gray: Denotes a letter not present in the word.

3. Utilize the color clues to deduce the target word within six attempts.

4. Leverage hints to eliminate letters that are not part of the solution.

Word Hurdle January 20 2024 Answers

Word Hurdle January 20 2024 Answers :

  • Morning Answer : Bullet
  • Afternoon Answer : Viewer

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Congratulations to those who successfully solved either or both of Today’s Word Hurdle puzzles! Share your achievements in the comments section below if you aced both solutions!

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