Semantle 407 March 12 2023 Answer

Semantle 415 March 20 2023 Answer

Semantle 415 March 20 2023 Answer
To clarify the mechanics of Semantle, the game involves guessing a word that is semantically similar to the secret word, as opposed to guessing the correct spelling.
This is determined by the Word2vec algorithm, which assigns a similarity value ranging from -100 to 100. So While the secret word may be any part of speech, it is important to note that the secret word set only contains lowercase words. The « Getting close » feature gives players an indication of their progress by ranking their guesses among the nearest 1,000 normal words to the target word. Since the game involves a significant amount of guesswork, players are advised that they will likely need to make numerous attempts to succeed .
Finally a new secret word is generated each day at midnight UTC.
Same as for Wordle Today #639 and Daily Waffle #423 , Heardle , this offer only once per day .

Semantle 415 March 20 2023 Answer

Without making you wait any longer, here is the answer of Semantle Number 415 :

  • Thick

If you guessed the right word , let us know in the comments below.

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