Contexto #395 October 18 2023 Answers

Contexto #490 January 21 2024 Answers

The primary objective of Contexto #490 January 21 2024 Answers, is to determine which word holds the top ranking. For this purpose, you submit words and base your subsequent guesses on the ranking of your previously entered words.

Understanding the Rules Contexto #490   :

While the concept is straightforward, there are essential guidelines to keep in mind to enhance your experience

Unlimited Attempts :

You have the liberty to make multiple attempts to guess the word, but with a restriction , you cannot submit variations of the same word as separate guesses. For instance, if your guess is « hide, » you cannot also guess « hidden » as a separate entry.

Requesting Hints Contexto #490 January 21 2024 Answers:

If you find yourself in a predicament, you can opt for a hint. Hints will provide you with a word that is related to the top-ranked word, guiding you in the right direction. It’s important to note that there are no limits on the number of hints you can request, but be aware that the hints you use will impact your final score.

These hints can be incredibly helpful, particularly when you misconstrue the theme of one of your ranked words, potentially leading you down an entirely different guessing path. Utilize hints to improve your performance!

Contexto #490 January 21 2024 Answers

The answer for Contexto 490 is :  Torch

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